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Our History

Since 1980, the duplication of audio products has been Audiobec’s core business. Starting as a small family business, we grew to become a go-to supplier within the music industry. Over the years, we also learned to diversify our products and services to remain a key player in the multimedia industry. Generations later and with the help of an experienced team, Audiobec is alive, well and thriving.
In 2005, after being a long-time leader in the cassette tape duplication world, Audiobec expanded and updated its infrastructure and hardware equipment to offer a wider range of premium quality products (CDs, DVDs, etc.), all in a controlled environment.
If our company is still a leader in this area of expertise, it is because of our focus on our evolving clientele. You have always remained faithful to us over the years. We thank you for your continuous loyalty.

Our Philosophy

Ranging from the 8-track to the USB key and the Compact Disc, Audiobec follows the jumps in innovation with a simple objective: Helping you out! We are proud to assist you in your projects by offering you, a complete line of multimedia products and services, all the tools you need. This offer, packaged with great personalized service and most of all, competitive prices, are facts that show Audiobec is there for you.

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